Coblyn 3·1·0

Posted 5th April 2012

For this release I’ve tried to address as many of Coblyn’s rough edges as I could. So there aren’t any big new features this time, but there are lots of improvements to the game graphics and the user interface, plus a few bug fixes:

  • Improved the appearance of the boulder (roughened), the diamond (transparency and random sparkles), and the butterfly.
  • The Start screen now allows the cave and level to be set by pressing the appropriate letter key (for the cave) or number key (for the level).
  • Bonus caves now become selectable on the Start screen once the preceding cave has been completed at all difficulty levels. For example, bonus cave Q appears after D-1 through D-5 have been completed.
  • Improved support for BDCFF level packs.
  • [Windows] Fixed a problem where full-screen mode wasn’t always restored when the app was restarted.
  • Lots of small improvements and fixes.

Download Coblyn here for OS X and Windows.