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Ephemeral 2.2.1 — 1st October 2019

This release of Ephemeral is to fix a few small bugs relating to the screen saver options. The screen saver itself is unchanged. Read more »

Website Refresh — 31st August 2019

I’m very happy to reveal the biggest redesign this website has ever had! Now the focus is squarely on the software itself. The home page features the software in a clear and attractive fashion, with an image and short description for each project. Previously visitors landed at the blog, which presented an impenetrable wall of text and did not reflect the purpose of this site. Read more »

Coblyn 3.2.0 — 14th August 2019

This release of Coblyn is the last in the series of 32-bit to 64-bit macOS conversions I’ve been working on recently. Now all of my apps are compatible with macOS 10.15 for when it comes out later this year. Read more »

GridBike 2.2.0 — 12th August 2019

This release of GridBike, as with the recent release of Reversi, is simply to convert the app from 32-bit to 64-bit. This means it will be able to run on macOS 10.15 onwards (and will stop warnings on macOS 10.13 and 10.14). Other than that it should look and behave the same as the previous version. Read more »

Reversi 1.3.0 — 10th August 2019

This release of Reversi is mainly just to convert it from being a 32-bit app to a 64-bit app. This means it will be able to run on macOS 10.15, which is the first version of macOS to drop support for 32-bit apps. Other than that it should look and behave virtually identically to the previous version. Read more »

macOS 64-Bit Apps — 9th August 2019

The next version of macOS (10.15), due later this year, will completely drop support for apps built in 32-bit mode. For a while now (since 10.13.4) macOS has been issuing warnings when running 32-bit apps as a reminder, and you may have seen these if you use my software. So it’s time for some updates! Read more »

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