Going Metal

Posted 28th August 2018

A few months ago Apple announced the deprecation of OpenGL and OpenCL. These technologies are the basis for my Ephemeral screen saver, so this announcement was a great excuse to learn Metal, Apple’s replacement.

My early impression of Metal is that it’s far easier to use: it was relatively straightforward to get it to draw the IFS fractals, whereas with OpenCL it was an absolute nightmare. In fact Metal makes things so easy, I’m seriously considering turning some of my other ideas into screen savers. Anyway, the conversion of Ephemeral is progressing well, and I hope to have a release ready soon.

In other news, I recently moved my web hosting to a new provider, which has allowed me to start using https for added security. At the same time I made a few other small changes to the website, including retiring the RSS feed — it just wasn’t worth the trouble.