Ephemeral [Mac]

Version 2.2.0

Ephemeral is a screen saver that draws animated IFS fractals, giving an ever–changing display of complex, natural shapes. The fractals evoke the structure of many objects found in nature such as plants, crystals, fire, and clouds.

The fractals are drawn as a swarm of hundreds of thousands of dots, with each one following a unique path. The relationship between these paths brings the dots together to reveal the structure inherent in the mathematical rules that define the fractal.

Try running Ephemeral a few times to get an idea of the variety it’s capable of producing: there’s always something new to see!

This screen saver is an evolution of my Windows-only Ephemera screen saver that I first released way back in 1997.

Installation: Right–click on the Ephemeral icon and select Open from the pop–up menu. If you choose to install for all users macOS will prompt you for an administrator user name and password.

New in Version 2.2.0