Reversi 2·0·0

Posted 12th September 2021

My Reversi game has been in need of some attention for a long time. If there’s any silver lining from the continuing COVID lockdowns, then it’s that I’ve had that time.

Anyhow, to keep up with advancements in macOS I’ve rewritten all the drawing in Reversi to use Metal instead of OpenGL. This also gave me the opportunity to improve the quality of the graphics: refining the piece and board models, and utilizing the full resolution of Retina displays.

Other changes include:

  • The pine board edging has been replaced by mahogany (and looks so much better).
  • The board now remains centred vertically when tilting up and down.
  • The highlight colour for the last placed piece can be customized.
  • The help has been completely rewritten.
  • Minimum version of macOS required is 10·12.

You can download Reversi here.