Signed Software Super Saturday

Posted 25th September 2021

Five releases in one hit is a new record for me, though there are only minor changes beyond the main reason for this release, which is that the macOS versions of all these games and screen savers are now signed and notarized. This means that running any of this software on a recent version of macOS will no longer show scary warning messages.

I’ve given up resisting Apple’s increasing requirements for macOS software to be signed, and have joined Apple’s Developer Program. While previously everything I distributed could be run on any Mac, the newer versions such as macOS 11 Big Sur made it almost impossible. Screen savers in particular could only be run if you knew where to find the hidden Open Anyway button.

There are definitely benefits to this of course, the obvious being that it’s difficult for anyone to tamper with the software now since any changes will stop macOS from launching the apps.

Today’s releases are:

  • Reversi 2·0·1:
    • No change besides being signed.
  • Coblyn 3·2·1:
  • GridBike 2·2·1:
    • Both Coblyn and GridBike include fixes for drawing and mouse problems on retina displays with macOS 11 Big Sur (fullscreen mode drew everything double size).
  • Ephemeral 3·0·1:
    • Fixed a potential drawing issue, though I’m not aware of it ever causing trouble.
  • Fronds 1·0·2:
    • No change besides being signed.

That’s a lot of software, but I’m not done yet… I’ve got another release almost ready to go!