Ephemeral 2·0·0

Posted 28th August 2016

With some spare time on my hands, I’ve turned my attention to updating my Mac screen saver Ephemeral. This release is a huge update from the old version. The main changes are:

  • Greatly improved appearance: the images now fade out with a gentle blur effect. Note that if your GPU doesn’t allow Ephemeral to access the graphics system, it falls back to simpler drawing with the CPU.
  • Ephemeral now draws on all screens, instead of just the primary screen. This can be changed in the screen saver options.
  • Fully rewritten rendering engine for greater efficiency.
  • Now requires OS X 10·8 Mountain Lion or later. If you’re running 10·6 or 10·7 then the old 1·1·2 release is still available.

As this version of Ephemeral is a major rewrite, any feedback about how it performs for you would be great.

I’ve got more ideas for improvements, so stay tuned!

Download Ephemeral here.