psxdmh 2·1·0

Posted 26th September 2021

What started off as a clean up of psxdmh somehow escalated into a full rewrite. I focussed on improving audio quality and now the sound is cleaner and crisper, benefitting from a lighter touch from the filtering plus more accurate reverb and ADSR. And I also managed to improve the efficiency of the code.

The spur for the clean up was my decision to put the source code on GitHub to make it more accessible. I just got a bit carried away… There’s a big list of changes for this release (see the psxdmh page for a full list). Here’s a summary of some of the main changes:

  • Audio quality improvements:
    • Changed how filtering is applied to patches during resampling to improve sound quality.
    • Changed the algorithm used by the reverb unit (Nocash). The old algorithm had at least one fault.
    • The input to reverb is filtered to remove excessive high-frequency sounds which were often emphasized unpleasantly.
    • The ADSR envelope now uses a better algorithm (Nocash), and has smoothing applied.
    • Widened the default high- and low-pass filter settings.
  • Command line option changes:
    • Added --stereo-expansion to widen the positioning of instruments.
    • The --magic-fix option has become --repair-patches, and its effect has been refined.
  • Miscellaneous changes:
    • Added default names for extracted sound effects.
    • Fixed a few small bugs.

It’s nearly 26 years since the PlayStation version of Doom was released, and it’s still the best! You can download psxdmh and its music here.