psxdmh [Mac + Windows | Open Source] GPLv3

Version 2.0.0

psxdmh (PlayStation Doom Music Hack) is a command line tool to extract music and sound effects from the PlayStation versions of the Doom and Final Doom games. Pre–built executables are available for Mac and Windows, along with the full source code. There’s also a collection of music generated by psxdmh in case you’re more interested in listening to it than extracting your own.

The PlayStation versions of the Doom games had brilliant background music (composed by Aubrey Hodges), and I was sorely disappointed when I couldn’t find it on the game CDs. After some investigation, I figured out that the music was generated dynamically by a MIDI–style player from sound samples and song definitions in the game’s data files. The difficult part was that it used an undocumented custom format…

So I spent many happy lunch hours in the gardens near work analysing hex dumps of the data files. Gradually I figured out how the data was organized within the files, and began writing psxdmh to help with the analysis. The next stage in its evolution was to add the ability to play the music. This took a lot of work before it generated high–quality output, and along the way I learned far more about audio processing than I ever intended to!

psxdmh was mostly working over ten years ago, but I’ve only recently got around to cleaning it up ready for release. It seems like an auspicious time, with the 21st anniversary of the release of PSX Doom, and 20th of PSX Final Doom, both approaching.

Note: psxdmh requires data files from the original PlayStation Doom or Final Doom game CDs to work. The Final Doom CD is preferable as it contains the data for all 30 songs, whereas the Doom CD only has the data for the first 20 songs.

Sample Music
D01: Hangar
D08: Phobos Anomaly
D16: Hell Gate
PlayStation Doom Cover Art

Doom Final Doom