Ephemeral 1·0·4 Released

Posted 17th January 2010

Version 1·0·4 of Ephemeral has been released. There are no new features with this release. Instead I’ve improved the error reporting to clearly describe problems (in version 1·0·1 the error messages were rather obscure):

  • If your Mac doesn’t support everything required by Ephemeral you will see an orange screen with a message that describes the incompatibility.
  • If any other error occurs then you will see a red screen with a message stating the nature of the problem, along with an invitation to send an error report. This is now as easy as clicking on a “Send Error Report” link in Ephemeral’s configuration options.

NOTE: At present it appears that the drivers for all ATI Radeon GPUs (including those in brand new iMacs) do NOT allow OpenCL to access OpenGL images, and therefore Ephemeral can’t run with these GPUs. Until Apple or ATI release updated drivers there is nothing I can do to get around this problem.

The new version of Ephemeral is available from here.